Depression and Feelings of Unhappiness

Suffering from clinical depression, depression and feelings of unhappiness. Are they the same, or not? My understanding is that a person who suffers from depression is one who has been clinically diagnosed by a professional, a psychologist or psychiatrist. Depression and feelings of unhappiness can happen to anyone, but usually last for a period of time, a temporary state brought on by the loss of a loved one, a broken relationship or any personal tragedy. Sometimes in the Winter/Autumn months individuals can suffer from – the SAD syndrome. Clinical depression is a feeling of melancholia that is a part of someone’s life and it manifest itself in many different behaviours.

Clinical depression is generally best treated by the use of anti-depressants, and can mean spending some time in hospital in order to find the correct dosage or type of drug. Once medication is prescribed counselling and psychotherapy can be of great help to clinical sufferers.

Other forms of temporary depression are best treated by counselling and psychotherapy. These are generally due to some immediate internal or external crisis. The treatment will consist of meeting in regular confidential sessions lasting about an hour to examine the immediate crisis and will also involve expressing bottled up feelings such as anger, resentment, grief or guilt. Being able to examine these feelings is a way to help dissolve the pain and depressions caused by them and move forward with your life.

Sometimes it may mean changing your lifestyle to accommodate the time when you feel most down. If you make an appointment a few months ahead with a counsellor during a time when you feel well, it will help you make a commitment to your own well being when you most need it during the dark months. Also if you plan to have a holiday to somewhere sunny during those autumn/winter months it will also strengthen your own piece of mind and feelings of self value.

If you need counselling or life & business coaching contact Michael Fitzgerald (Adlerian Counsellor and Life & Family Coach MBACP, MBPS, MANI) at the Dungarvan Counselling Centre.

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As a member of the Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, The Adlerian Society (UK), the Eating Disorder Resource Centre of Ireland, and as a registered psychologist with the British Psychological Society Michael Fitzgerald adheres to their ethics, principles and guidelines.

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